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Week #1

Hm, I've only two rules before downloading anything from my rotations. :P


  1. Please comment if you're downloading a song.
  2. ENJOY! :P
W E E K O N E ;

Song: Aozora no Namida
Artist: Hitomi Takahashi
Album: Blood+ OST
Language: Japanese
Comments: I just absolutely adore this song! It's got a nice rock feel to it, and the chorus is just awesome. I recommend this track to anyone who takes a liking to fast-paced, rock-themed songs. :3

Song: Bad Drive
Artist: BoA
Album: Sweet Impact[Single]
Language: Japanese
Comments: This song has a really addictive tune to it, and it's very danceable. It's a shame that the whole single was a 'flop' though. :(

Song: Bloom
Artist: Ayaka Hirahara
Album: Eternally[Single]
Language: Japanese
Comments: I love the fresh feel of this song because it makes you feel like you're in a beautiful garden at sunset. Recommended!

Song: Cover Girl
Artist: K
Album: Beyond the Sea
Language: Japanese
Comments: This song is really funky. K's voice goes well with the song and the chorus sounds uber smecksy. <3

Song: A Perfect Day to Confess
Artist: Younha
Album: A Perfect Day to Confess
Language: Korean
Comments: A song for easy listening. It's a ballad that makes you wanna sigh and wish you had a really good love life! (Well in my case at least!)

Song: Koe
Artist: Tsukiko Amano
Album: Koe[Single], Fatal Frame III OST
Language: Japanese
Comments: I absolutely ADORE the piano intro to this song. This was used in the Fatal Frame III game and the song fits with the story of the game. It starts out slow and then the middle part gets rock-ish, a typical Tsukiko Amano song.

Song: Luvotomy
Artist: m-flo loves Namie Amuro
Language: Japanese, English
Comments: A really different tune considering that it's m-flo. I love the tune allthroughout the song, and Namie's voice goes well with the accompaniments. Definitely a must listen!

Song: I'm Sorry
Artist: John-hoon (Kim Jeong-hoon)
Album: 5 Stella Lights
Language: Japanese
Comments: The into on its own doesn't sound as interesting, but definitely a must listen from Kim Jeong-hoon!

Song: Losin'
Artist: Yuna Ito
Album: Losin'[Single]
Language: Japanese
Comments: The guitar accompaniments fit perfectly into this song. Although in the m/v you could totally see Yuna Ito can't dance that well! It's a mid-tempo song btw!

Song: How Crazy
Artist: YUI
Album: Can't Buy My Love
Language: Japanese
Comments: Another top track from one of my favorite singers, YUI! Definitely a must-listen for every YUI fan. :3

Song: By Your Side
Artist: Hikaru Utada feat. Kiley Dean
Album: [Unknown]
Language: English
Comments: It's a mid-tempo track from Hikki! I love the way this song sounds, and how Kiley Dean's voice fits Hikki's nicely. And the lyrics are great, too. <33

Song: Let Go (Acoustic Version)
Artist: m-flo loves Yoshika
Language: Japanese, English
Comments: The way this song sounds just makes me... dreamy! The rapping fits right with Yoshika's voice (which at first reminded me of Hikki's for some reason) and the guitar strings are just <3!

Hmm. For now it'll only be a few songs but next week I'll be uploading more. Hopefully there'll be Chinese music too. :3 Enjoy!
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