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Week #2: Two of Randomness

Nyaaa~ My internet's all booby on me! This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I postponed it because my internet was as slow as hell. There's still no progress with regards to my connection speed today though... (it's actually gone slower than yesterday!)

Because it's only my second week of rotations, um.. haha, I forgot what I was supposed to say! Well, I've come to a decision that every week I'll be uploading a total of 16 songs. In between, I'll also upload full albums and singles, but that will only be Friends only entries, meaning, you've got to add me before viewing/downloading full albums and singles. Anyway, here's week two! :3

And... this week, I'm too lazy to add comments. XD I don't think you people would even read them! :P

W E E K T W O ; Two of Randomness

1. Two Carrie Underwood songs:

Song: Don't Forget to Remember Me
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Some Hearts
Language: English

Song: Before He Cheats
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: Some Hearts
Language: English

2. Two songs that depress me a lot:

Song: Tell Me What the Rain Knows
Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Album: Wolf's Rain OST
Language: English/Japanese

Song: Eternally
Artist: Ayaka Hirahara
Album: Eternally[Single]
Language: Japanese

3. Two songs that make me want to strut my non-existent stuff:

Song: Usotsuki Boy
Artist: m-flo loves Sunday
Language: Japanese/English

Song: Get on the Floor
Artist: TSZX feat. DOGMA
Album: [unknown] (If someone would like to give information, please do tell! :])
Language: Korean

4. Two songs that have been in my mp3 player for like, ever:

Song: Silent Screamerz
Artist: BoA
Album: Outgrow
Language: Japanese

Song: The Garden of Everything
Artist: Steve Conte ft. Maaya Sakamoto
Album: Tune the Rainbow[single]
Language: English

5. Two songs that I'd probably never listen to in a million years, but still have in my music library nonetheless:

Song: Gatsu no Love Song
Artist: Gackt
Album: Gatsu no Love Song[Single]
Language: Japanese

Song: Like a Stone
Artist: Audioslave
Album: Audioslave
Language: English

6. Two songs that I've been obsessing over for the past 24 hours:

Song: Li Quiang Xing Ren (Ideal Lovers)
Artist: Rainie Yang
Album: Ai Mei/Ambiguity
Language: Chinese

Artist: m-flo loves EMYLI & Diggy-Mo
Album: [unknown]
Language: Japanese

7. Two songs that are track two in my top two favorite albums:

Song: feel my soul
Artist: YUI
Album: From Me to You
Language: Japanese

Song: I Cry
Artist: Younha
Album: Vol. 1 - A Perfect Day to Confess
Language: Korean

8. Two songs that are the second to the last in the tracklistings of the albums by two of some random artists I just randomly clicked (Wow, wasn't that long!):

Song: Chaconne 2 (with Guitar)
Artist: Yiruma
Album: From the Yellow Room
Language: (Vocal-less, so I couldn't tell. :P)

Song: Gi Eok Hae Yo
Artist: Eugene
Album: My True Style
Language: Korean

WTF 16 SONGS IN 3 HOURS. Last week it only took me three minutes! How booby is that? T_T Comment if downloading a song! I wanna see which songs/artists appeal to people more. :3

Until next week!
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